Sketching and re-sketching variations on an idea aided the development of my designs, this week. I now have two dominant concepts in mind.

The first would be a wheel from which plates and bowls are suspended, allowing food to be shared around a table (or in fact in any permitting space) more effectively, in an innovative way. The wheel would rotate and change the positions of the plates bearing food, thus acting as a ‘Lazy Susan’ of sorts. To illustrate the connections between food and travel that I have been exploring in my visual research, perhaps a bicycle wheel would work well…

The second concept is based on something more primal; our sense of smell. The idea is to create a large container which is suspended from a long cable which reaches to a tall ceiling or beam. The pot would be swung around, containing a meal, to waft the scent around inside a space not unlike a church incense swinger. It would be celebrating food in the same way that people have celebrated the incense in traditional ceremonies involving enormous pendants such as this.

Using the ceramics facilities’ pottery wheels at college, I formed some basic crockery of the approximate shape and size I imagined using, for Concept 1. Once fired and glazed, suspending them and weighing each piece will allow me to calculate how many I can realistically use in the final piece, as well as make amendments to the design. At this early stage I believe they will be relatively heavy, although I may be able to make thinner ones by hollowing out hardened clay bowls a little more, or even using a porcelain clay in a slip-casting method.

I have also written a questionnaire (see attached) and sent it to a handful of people I know who have spent a reasonable period of time living abroad. In my time plan I envisaged having the replies back within the week – this is not going to happen! I will incorporate the answers I receive into my work as I go along.

Next week will hopefully see more detailed design drawing and plans, as well as some documentation of experimentation with global cookery in my spare time.



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